Monday, September 16, 2013

Chronicles of a Ph.D Partner: His and Her's Introductions

I can recall months and months ago, helping my partner to determine which schools he would apply to for Ph.D programs. I can remember hearing him say something about California and probably giving him the death stare, as I had just moved to Illinois for my second full time job, my first choice position in my search process and California was a $500.00 plane ride away. I knew that committing to him meant taking on the role of eventually becoming a Ph.D partner, but I am not quite sure I was ready for the transitions I would endure through his journey, a journey that had inevitably become my journey as well.

This blog post is an introduction to a series that I am hoping to sustain over the course of the next three years as I navigate the life of a ph.d partner. My loving partner will also contribute to this series from time to time, and I do believe that there will be quite a few duo posts (such as this one) which will give you two interesting perspectives on various challenges and triumphs throughout our journey. I am sure that my perspective will be the most enjoyable to read as well as the closet to the truth, but I must afford him the opportunity to share his thoughts as is only right!

We add to this journey the joy of being a newly engaged couple, the excitement and stress of wedding planning, the patience of navigating a long distance relationship, and the sometimes competitiveness that comes with being both student affairs/higher education professionals. Having been in a relationship for a little over a year (when its right, its right)...we also are continuing to learn each other each and every day.

Our journey is unique and our journey is real. Join us as we travel to Ph.D.  :)

In the words of President Barrack Obama, “let me be clear”… I am not a blogger. I barely understand why one would blog and why another would read it. To take it a step further, I don’t have a Twitter account. Yes… a student affairs associate who doesn’t tweet. We exist. I share this seemly off topic mini rant because I was told that I had to be “honest and transparent.” So I’m putting my cards on the table. This “ain’t my thing.”
However, I am in a relationship with a fantastic woman whom I love dearly. I wooed her (yeah, I said wooed), we feel in love, I proposed, then left. I moved two states away to pursue my dream of making someone call me Dr. and/or Professor; benefiting the community and creating intellectual property to affect change are bonuses. In following my dream, I bought a bit of turmoil to the relationship. So… I may not like blogging. I may create posts that scream, ever so slightly, “this ain’t my thing” but I do it gladly.
In a relationship you compromise. You watch Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress, you plan birthday celebrations when you could care less, and you take a break from reading “Understanding College and University Organization” to write a blog post when you would rather be playing Skyrim. These compromises seem meniscal when compared to creating a situation where some of life is postponed about 3 years.
So… here it is… The first of many of my posts. She says “join us as we travel to Ph.D. J”. I say, enter at your own risk and hang on… it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Oh… and my posts will DEFINITELY be more fun to read. They will be LEGEND… wait for it…