Monday, July 16, 2012

My Day One: Based on the blog post "Day One" by Ann Marie Klotz

Whenever Ann Marie Klotz offers guidance, I listen. As a woman that I admire and look up to you, I seek her out for guidance when I am navigating a tough situation, struggling to make a decision, or just need an extra boost to push through. When Ann Marie blogged about navigating the first day on a new job, I made sure to take notes as I would be navigating my own first day weeks later.

Fast forward to Monday, July 9, 2012, my first full day of employment at my newest institution and I replayed the words “Today is your statement day” in my head numerous times as I prepared for my day.

First, I thought about my appearance. Knowing that my first day was going to be scorching hot with temperatures in the 90s, I decided that I wanted to be as comfortable as possible while also maintaining a certain level of professionalism. Wearing a well tailored suit would have made a great impression but it would not have matched the culture of my department. I opted for something colorful, comfortable, and polished. Not only did my dress match my personality but it is one of my favorites to wear so I felt extremely confident throughout the course of my day.

Second, I focused my attention on my attitude. I made sure that I got a good night’s rest so I wasn’t grumpy. I continued to remind myself I was hired for a reason which helped to eliminate my nervousness. I focused my attention on my new environment, my new colleagues, and the new opportunities coming my way. This invoked excitement for me and helped me maintain a positive outlook throughout my transitioning period.

Next, I focused my mindset on learning. It is important when you go into a new position at a new institution that you are open to new things and do not focus too much on your past experiences. Over lunch I asked questions of colleagues and I was intentional about scheduling time to talk with individuals about the institution and the department during my free time.

Finally, I prepared myself to be uncomfortable. As a midlevel staff member I arrived a week prior to the entry level staff. Formal staff training was not scheduled until the second week so my first few days were more about me finding my way and getting comfortable with my new surroundings. At first this unstructured time was uncomfortable for me; however as I begin to find my way, talk to people, and determine some priorities for myself I begin to adapt and transition better.

Now as I embark on my second full week and begin formal training I will continue to follow a lot of these steps that I have taken while also beginning to map out my priorities and goals for the next few weeks.  In the words of Ann Marie Klotz “day one was a success”. I am looking forward to my next few months and sharing with you all my struggles, victories, and lessons learned as I transition into a new position.

Ann Marie Klotz's blog post "Day One" can be found here:

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