Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attitude Determines Altitude

The 2012 NASPA African American Women’s Summit was a life changing experience for me. So many lessons learned and nuggets of wisdom that I still continue to think about and find ways to apply to both my personal and professional life; however one of the most valuable lessons I learned during that day was the importance of choosing my Attitude.

Numerous times throughout the session various speakers would quote the following: “Attitude Determines Altitude.” At the time I kind of understood what the phrase meant but it was not until I came home and really delved deeper into the meaning of the two words that I understood its true impact.

In thinking about the phrase “your attitude determines your altitude” one must first understand what altitude is. So let’s get technical, shall we? Altitude is a word commonly used in aviation. Altitude is the orientation of the plane relative to the ground; it literally determines how high the plane can fly. How does this apply to our lives? Replace altitude with success. It is our attitude, or the orientation of our feelings and behaviors that determines how high we can go in life. This thought reinforces the fact that we choose our attitudes. We may not have the ability to control the situations we find ourselves in or the reactions of others, but we do choose how we react to those situations and those individuals. Keeping a positive attitude and displaying a positive
attitude no matter the situation can have a direct impact on your experiences in life
as well as your elevation professionally.

This can be a very hard lesson to grasp because many times especially in student affairs we are placed in tough situations or have to interact with some less than civil individuals; however if you start training yourself to keep a positive attitude despite your surroundings, you will be surprised at how
 different your outlook on life can be.

“With the right attitude human beings can move mountains. With the wrong attitude they can be crushed by the smallest of grains.”

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