Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diddy, High Heels, and Fast Flats

My favorite pair of high heels are practical yet stylish. Trendy yet classic. They exemplify my personal style having a little touch of femininity bundled with some sass and sophistication. They have a red sole and are leopard print with a platform and 4.5 inch heel, but if you ask me tomorrow this might change. I love shoes! I love high heels shoes; the higher the heel, the better. I love slipping on a pair of 4.5 inch heels and adding those additional inches to my barely 5’1 frame. It’s something about a pair of sleek heels that just gives a girl a ridiculous amount of confidence.
Of course the great deal of responsibility associated with the hotness radiated from wearing a pair of heels comes with great sacrifice. Heels are not practical to wear on a daily basis, although I will try my hardest to accomplish that task. The new heights that I gain from wearing my heels come with pain, discomfort, and the occasional blister or two.
Let's think about that: Discomfort comes with new heights; platform comes with pain.
Diddy has a song titled “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and although I am not making “mo money” right now, I can completely understand what that means. As I have began to try and elevate myself, building myself professionally, stepping through new doors and windows that have been opened for me, I have begun to experience a new level of discomfort, burnout, and pain. Whether it is associated with professional relationships, not having time for family, feeling strained, feeling stressed, etc…I have begin to realize that the higher I take myself, the more discomfort I have.
As we continue to strive to achieve new heights in our careers we will experience some level of pain, some level of discomfort, and maybe even a few blisters on the way. Nothing worth having comes easy. We must keep our minds focused on the goal. When you are deep in the midst of your discomfort, remember that you are on a journey of elevation. Keep your eyes on your goal and keep your mind set on the new level you are trying to achieve.
I will admit my high heels become a little bit too much to bear. I remember being at the GLACUHO 2010 Conference, it was late into the evening and we were about to begin practice for the infamous flash mob performance. I had been in my gorgeous navy blue peep toe 4.5 inch heeled Nine West booties all day and my feet were on fire. I knew that I would not make it one more minute in those shoes. I begged and pleaded with my friend/colleague to go pick me up a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats from the local drugstore. When he came back with those rolled up flat shoes, I was in heaven. I never took my heels off that fast in my life. As I slid my feet into my new “Fast Flats” I was at ease. The pressure was taken off my feet and I could walk, jump, and dance around without pain. If you were to look in my handbag any day of the week, you will see my “Fast flats”. I keep them in my handbag just in case I need that immediate rescue from my heels.
Sometimes when we are in the midst of our discomfort we have to find a temporary way of escape. On your way to the top you need to find your “Fast Flats”. That one thing that will alleviate your discomfort while helping you to stay on track. Maybe it is a person, maybe a place, or maybe even a hobby. Take some time to reflect on the “Fast Flats” in your life. Who or What are they?
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